About Us

“Gocsm – Online Pharmacy Reviews” is devoted to ensuring the most precise, trustworthy and reliable information. This information is dedicated to the online pharmacies. Our objective lies in assisting people to be safe when buying drugs from different online services. The extensive studies to assess the experience of real customers have been conducted to calculate the overall ratings of online pharmacies. The assessment of the technical data and legitimacy influence the overall rating, as well.

The Reason for the Site Creation

Regretfully, the Internet, nowadays, is full of rogue and counterfeit online stores offering to buy drugs but bringing health and financial problems to an unprepared shopper. Along with that, there are stores that offer an outstanding service and high-quality products.

When you understand how many people gain either negative or positive Internet experience, the members of our team have an idea to create a resource that would provide a simple, understanding and fast to use way to value the service level of online pharmacy not after the moment the order has been arranged and the health and finance have been put at risk.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of people with similar demands as our readers. We are people who have had the necessity to buy drugs but have had no possibility to do it because of various reasons. We guarantee our team has created a strategic plan that will, firstly, assist to be safe when buying and, secondly, make buying of drugs available for all when they are bought online.

The Authors:

  • Niti Mittal, MBBS, MD Pharmacology, DM (Clinical Pharmacology)
  • Manisha Bisht, MBBS, MD Pharmacology