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Introducing is a business providing access to generic drugs. This company has a number of clients as it’s been working since 2014. The products of this company are sold all over the world. The most sought after products are Cipro, Levitra, Proventil, Amoxicillin, Zithromax, Cialis, Lasix, Priligy, Prozac, Kamagra, Advair, Viagra, Ventolin. An internet pharmacy’s performance is oriented to the advantage of both parties.

The Assortment at

There are 13 categories the website. This company offers allergies, antibiotics, antidepressants, antiviral, arthritis, birth control, blood pressure, cancer, cholesterol lowering, depression, diabetes, general health, hair loss, heart disease, herbals, muscle relaxant, pain relief, pets, quit smoking, sleep aid, stop smoking, weight loss, women’s health. drug groups. Bestsellers’ list includes these drugs: Lasix, Levitra, Advair, Cipro, Ventolin. There is a special deal at looking for example: Cialis 10 mg 10 pill + Viagra 100 mg 10 pills for only $89.

Cost Coverage at

To assess the price affordability, we’ve chosen the following medications: Lasix, Levitra, Advair.

Lasix will cost $0.36 per 40mg. For a package of 360 pills, you’ll have to pay $129.6 in total.

If you want to buy Levitra, you can purchase it for $0.99 per 10mg. Each pack includes 360 pills. All in all, you’ll have to spend $356.4.

In case you choose to purchase Advair, then you will have to pay $109.00 per 100/50mcg. The pack comprises 3 inhalers. The total sum of your order will make $327.

Should you need Cipro you are welcome to pay $0.71 per 250mg. The total quantity is 180 pills. The cost of all the pills at a package is $127.8.

Ventolin may be bought for $27.33 per 100mcg. Each package comprises 6 inhalers. The final price of your purchase will make $163.98.


The delivery at is global. It is Airmail. The delivery cost is $30. The timeframe of the delivery is 14-21 days. Every customer can receive free delivery if your purchase exceeds $250.


An international delivery is ensured by This business cooperates with 2 delivery systems known as First-class. Every customer pays $40 for delivery also. The delivery takes 2-7 days to deliver the parcel. If your total is over $300 you’re eligible for free delivery.

Payment options welcomes 5 payment system(s): Bitcoin, Echeck, Mastercard, Visa, Western union.

Website’s Loading Speed

Google PageSpeed Insights noted that mobile version has poor loading speed indicators 15, which testifies the website has some technical troubles. Based on Google Page Speed, a desktop version has a minimal indicator 43 which points out the speed of the website is reduced.

Hot Pharmacy Mobile Version

Regrettably, mobile version is absent, which will certainly upset users. The site appears precisely the same way when seeing from a smartphone and it’s rather hard to read conditions of the pharmacy and the item description. Most users will not like that it is necessary to scroll down the pages of the website that is cell since it’s not adapted for various types of tablets and smartphones.

How to Buy Drugs at Hot Pharmacy?

If you want to buy drugs at, you can begin an ordering procedure immediately, without the need to register – that will save your time and efforts. The procedure is convenient and easy. You have to add the necessary drugs in an online shopping cart, proceed to checkout, choose the desired delivery and payment options and pay for the order proceed to checkout, you have to put in the prescribe medication in an online shopping cart, select the desired delivery and payment options and cover the order pick the desired delivery and payment options, proceed to checkout, you need to add the necessary drugs in an online shopping cart and pay for the purchase. Proceed to checkout you need to add the necessary medications in an online shopping cart, select the desired delivery and payment options and pay for the order. Your medications will be delivered by the courier to your door. I enjoy that has distinguish each of their drugs into categories and gave the comprehensive details about each product. It is possible to search for the necessary item using a search by name or by letter, which is convenient. Legitimacy

ScamAdviser gave an 88 percent trust-rating, which means this company is legit and can be trusted. The website is owned by the business

The Legitimacy of Hot Pharmacy

As defined by, is a rogue website that becomes an evidence of the improper activity of the internet pharmacy.

Customers Feedback at presents a separate testimonial page on their website. The remarks are about delivery within the period, top-quality drugs, fast shipping and low prices. The majority of clients seems to be happy with the services provided.

Discount Codes for Hot Pharmacy

Regretfully, there are no current coupon codes for I was only able to find some special offers but not restricted to: Viagra 100 mg x 12 pills + Cialis 20 mg x 12 pills for only $50.

The Team of Professionals at

The contact form is the ways to address the customer care group. The question was requested. We had no answer from the customer care department. Of the inqueries might be requested by with the help of email: The website is provided with the phone number. The operator picks and answer the questions friendly.